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GDPR and Protecting Your Right to Privacy

I consider the privacy of your data to be a very serious matter and want to fulfil the spirit of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which is about protecting your right to privacy, not just about the letter of the law. Here is a list of what I do to protect your personal information. The various paragraphs on this page explain in detail how I collect and use your information. In this first paragraph I provide an overview to all of the ways I collect information and safeguard your privacy

1. All files I hold which contain your personal, health and psychotherapy and counselling information are password protected for access. I am the only person who has access to these files on a general basis. My Clinical Executor is the only other person who may have access to these files and only then in the case of my death.

2. Any software application which also holds your personal, health and psychotherapy and counselling information are also password protected for access. No data or information in any of these applications is transmitted across the internet.

3. I only use software where data security is fully implemented and where adherence to GDPR Compliance is confirmed in their terms and conditions.

4.I will never share or sell your information

5. If you would like to have your details removed from my systems, partially or entirely, I will be happy to do so, providing that there is not adverse reason (such as a complaint or legal reason) for me to do so,

6. I will review my data protection management annually to ensure It is still fit for purpose and complies with current regulation

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