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Steps to Therapy Therapeutic Support for Anxiety, Depression, Low Self-Esteem & Migraine

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Therapeutic Support for Low Self-Esteem (feeling negatively, critical, or harsh towards yourself) and options for being able to make more positive self-evaluations


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The Nature of Low Self-Esteem

'Self-esteem is a common term that most of us use when we talk about our general wellbeing, but what exactly is it?

In essence self-esteem is a sense of oneself that is communicated in conversations and behaviour. It is how we express who we are. This expression can be positive (when we have high self-esteem) or negative (when we have low self-esteem).

Here is one definition which may be helpful:

A personal judgment of worthiness that is expressed in the attitudes the individual holds toward themselves (Coopersmith, 1997)

Importantly, having low self-esteem can be both emotionally and socially harmful. So in addition to feeling 'bad' or 'negative' and wanting to change that there is something about a quality of life that may benefit by paying attention to, and improving, self-esteem.

Effects of Low Self-Esteem

The emotional and social harm described above can be seen in a number of ways. If you have low self-esteem you may:

  • Be more likely to suffer from depression
  • Be more troubled by a sense of failure
  • Find social interaction difficult - become anxious, awkward or shy
  • Lack self-confidence to focus on goals and achieve things in life that are important to you

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    Help for Low Self-Esteem

    There are many different ways that low self-esteem can develop, and many causes that trigger a sense of negative self-worth. Some may relate to your current or past relationships and some to circumstances in your life.

    The most important thing to realize is that there are very real reasons for you feeling the way you do.

    The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely (Carl Gustav Jung)

    However, help is available. In privacy and with support, you can explore and develop new ways of thinking and feeling about yourself. Here at Steps to Therapy there are four different options to support you in understanding why you feel the way you do about yourself and also to help you develop higher self-esteem and a sense of worthiness.

    Do have a look at the therapeutic suppport options that I offer and use the form to request the kind of help you would like to start with.

    If you are unsure please do contact me to discuss your difficulties with self-esteem and we can decide together what might be a useful starting point.

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